Under Vehicle Screening System

UVSS (Under Vehicle Screening System) – Generally consists of cameras mounted within a Screening Unit and used at facility access points, particularly at secure and or high value facilities.

A UVSS (Under Vehicle Screening System) is used to detect threats such as bombs, weapons, contraband and human etc. that are hidden underneath vehicles.

The UVSS (Under Vehicle Screening System) camera captures images of the undercarriage of vehicle and display on the Operating Unit ready for inspection by security personnel.

Under the growing threats worldwide, UVSS (Under Vehicle Screening System) is now essential for first line inspection at entry points of many vital installations. For example: Palaces, Government Buildings, Court of Law, Financial Institutions, Airport, Seaport, Police HQ, Military Airbases, Camps, Navy Base, Power Station, Embassies, International Hotels, Industrial sites, Residential and Shopping Complexes and many other assets and lives worth protecting.