EasyLobby® eKiosk web-based software turns any Apple iPad, tablet computer into a self-registration kiosk for visitors.

With visitor self-registration becoming more popular with many organizations, this application is a smaller, more flexible alternative to using a lobby attendant to check in visitors. This is also a good solution for smaller lobbies that do not have room for a free standing kiosk.

An iPad or other tablet computer can be handed to the visitor when they arrive, allowing the guest to fill out the registration form and print their visitor badge. The self-registration screen is very intuitive and easy to complete by the guest.

When used in combination with EasyLobby eAdvance, employee pre-registration web-based application, eKiosk software makes it fast and easy for visitors to register themselves upon arrival. The host employee can pre-register the visitor in eAdvance from their own computer. eAdvance then sends the visitor a confirmation email with their registration number. When the visitor arrives and is handed an eKiosk-enabled devices, they simply enter their name or the registration number, and their record will automatically come up.

Users can configure the visitor form on any EasyLobby eKiosk device to include your choice of fields, including designating required fields. You can also display a PDF or HTML file with EasyLobby eKiosk for visitors to review and acknowledge or agree to.

EasyLobby eKiosk has the ability to screen visitors against a pre-registered visitor list and/or internal Watch List to keep unwanted or unauthorized people out.

When a visitor checks in using EasyLobby eKiosk, an email or SMS text can be automatically sent to the employee being visited.