EasyLobby SVM Software (Secure Visitor management) includes a very robust and configurable "Kiosk" or self-registration mode for those customers who wish to obtain a door entry card in the event of an unattended lobby area or who merely wish to register themselves to receive a door entry card.


Our Kiosk mode offers a multitude of unique features and benefits:


  • the ability to control the background bitmap of every screen
  • built-in support for 7 different languages
  • the ability to select which fields are displayed on screen and to specify which, if any, are Required fields
  • complete control over customizing the help text for each screen (in 7 languages)
  • the ability to enforce visitor pre-registration for a door entry card (i.e., if you have not been pre-registered in the EasyLobby database by an employee, you can't get in)
  • integration with 30+ access control systems so that the door entry card printed for a visitor at the Kiosk can unlock a specific door or activate an elevator (this maximizes your building security to keep unwanted people without a door entry card from gaining entry to anything other than the lobby area)
  • options for displaying any document on the screen and requiring the visitor to read and "Agree To" the document (with optional electronic signature capture)
  • the ability to use a passport, license, business card scanner to verify identity and capture the visitor's information automatically
  • the ability to capture the visitor's photo with a webcam
  • built-in email notification to the employee of their visitor's arrival
  • Programmable Watch List email alerts, with the ability to do Government Denied Party list screening and registered sex offender database screening
  • the ability to do visitor check out, either manually or with a barcode scan