Infinity Security Appliances has partnered with EasyLobby to be the professional choice for electronic visitor management, supporting your lobby and reception desk security requirements and printing professional quality visitor badges.

Our products, such as the identification card software, are easy to use yet powerful, and have become a de-facto standard in thousands of customer sites worldwide for electronic visitor management.

To learn more about EasyLobby's family of electronic visitor management products, follow the links below:

Visitor Management Software for the Lobby

SVM (Secure Visitor Management):SVM9

  • SVM is the main application for electronic visitor management, including the processing visitors (ID scanning, record creation, badge printing, check in and check out, etc.).
  • To use EasyLobby’s electronic visitor management systems, customers must purchase 1 copy of SVM for each workstation where they plan to  wish to create new visitor records, print badges, etc, must be purchased.
  • The SVM electronic visitor management database (MSDE, SQL Server or Oracle) can reside on any computer on the network (server is recommended), and any number of SVM workstations can share a central database.
  • NOTE: SVM is not installed on the server, only the SVM database goes on a server.

SVM Satellite Software

  • Satellite is used as an electronic visitor management system to control and monitor entry and exit at one or more internal locations or “check points” for visitors who have already been badged at an SVM workstation at the main lobby, visitor center or guard gate.
  • Upon arrival at a Satellite station, the visitor badge is scanned (via barcode)suing the identification card software, and the Satellite station will display the visitor’s photo, name and Clearance level and immediately inform the operator whether to allow the visitor entry into that area or whether to deny entry. The Clearance level is assigned to each visitor when they are badged by SVM. Satellite time stamps the visitor’s entry and exit at that station via barcode scan, proximity card, or magnetic stripe read.
  • Satellite does not have the ability to create new visitor records, to modify existing records, or to print badges; it is a supplement to the electronic visitor management SVM security architecture, not a substitute for SVM.


  • Administrator is an enterprise-class, central administration utility for SVM. It provides the user with administration, monitoring and reporting functionality against the SVM database. Administrator is a separate application from SVM electronic visitor management , and can be installed on any workstation that has network access to the SVM database.
  • Customers get 1 free copy of Administrator with each copy of SVM they buy. If a customer requires additional copies of Administrator, those can be purchased separately.

Pre-registration Software for Employees


  • eAdvance is a web-based application that allows authorized employees to pre-register visitors through a simple web browser form on their own computer. The customer has full control over which employees are granted access to eAdvance , and whether the registrations entered by certain employees need to be approved by someone else in the company before being added to the SVM database.
  • eAdvance is sold as an enterprise license; customers only need 1 copy regardless of how many SVM stations they deploy or how many employees they have.
  • eAdvance is installed on a web server running Microsoft IIS.
  • For customers that do not have their own web server, EasyLobby provides a hosting service for an annual fee.

Access Control Integration Software: (30 different systems supported)

  • The identification card software is a component that allows the customer to grant proximity card access (or barcode access) to certain visitors directly from the electronic visitor management SVM interface.
  • This software is sold as a server license; customers typically only need 1 copy regardless of how many electronic visitor management SVM stations they deploy across different locations (assuming the Access Control System resides on a single server for the entire company).
  • NOTE: if all visitors are escorted by an employee, the customer does NOT need this component.

Mobile Solutions

EasyLobby's suite of mobile solutions are designed to run on handheld PDAs in remote and mobile environments such as guard shacks. Our mobile solutions include SVM MobileSatellite Mobile andPackage Mobile .

EasyLobby Visitor Management Hardware Accessories and Turnkey Systems

Hardware accessories developed by our partners are used in combination with EasyLobby SVM. These input and output devices have been seamlessly integrated with our electronic visitor management identification card software. 

Turnkey system packages contains everything you need (software and hardware) to convert any Windows-based PC into a complete, electronic visitor management secure visitor management system.