ASI-POS is the rich, featured filled, easy to use and affordable application. Following are the few most important features of ASI-POS

Easy to Configuration

  • Login Screen
  • User friendly interface
  • Excellent Multi-user environment
  • Fully customizable options
  • Compatible with receipt printer
  • Customizable discount and tax calculation
  • POS Center wise printer selection
  • Compatible with receipt printer
  • Privileges Management for all level users
  • Center wise Voucher Numbering

 Item Features

  • GroupWise Item Management
  • Multiple rate for single Item
  • Default rate selection for Item
  • POS Center wise Item rate
  • Season wise Item Rate
  • Conversion ratio for Each Item
  • Item wise tax detail
  • Department wise Items Exchange Utility
  • Ingredients Base Product


 Operational Features

  • Table wise server/waiter assignment
  • Sales, Sales Return, Complimentary Sales
  • Purchase, Purchase Return
  • Stock adjustment utility
  • Direct billing to company
  • Default rate selection for Item



  • Collection Report
  • Revenue Report
  • Stock Report
  • Receipt


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