The hospitality industry demands special considerations for their operations. They need systems that would help better serve their customers, a system that would make service faster, by better organization, better communication between kitchen, bar, waiter and staff, and a more efficient back office ordering of items to avoid unavailable menu items and customer disappointment.

Our company has the right system for you. In this regard, we would like to propose to you a computerize set-up with the use of our ASI Restaurant and Hospitality POS System. The set-up will hasten simple tasks such as ordering and payment of bills. Orders entered are automatically printed to the kitchen area and all items used will be automatically deducted from the inventory thus ensuring accurate orders and inventory. In addition, after long years of preparation and testing, we are proud to introduced our newly launched HOTEL & RESORT POS from the ASI Software family. Systems that gives convenient and worry free transaction of the front desk from the date of reservation, checking IN/OUT, and housekeeping.

Should you find our offer appealing and fit for your kind of business, please don’t hesitate to call us: (254) 202632029, 739200080, and 722814406 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for all your inquiries. We would be very glad to address all your POS needs and concerns. We are willing to visit you at your office or conduct product presentation at your most convenient time and place.

Thank you for taking this opportunity and we are looking forward to a good partnership with you in the very near future.